Geospatial and Population Studies MSC06 3510
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

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NMDOT crash data is protected by Federal mandate Title 23 U.S.C. Section 409 which forbids the discovery and admission into evidence of reports, data, or other information compiled or collected for activities required pursuant to Federal highway safety programs, or for the purpose of developing any highway safety construction improvement project, which may be implemented utilizing federal-aid highway funds, in tort litigation arising from occurrences at the locations addressed in such documents or data.


TRU hires SAS programmers, SQL programmers, statistical data analysts, ETL specialists, GIS analysts, GIS technicians, and data entry specialists. Although we may be data geeks, we are a department mostly funded by non-university contracts and we seek team members who can help us maintain client satisfaction. We generate statistics that are routinely reported in the news under great scrutiny and take pride in providing thorough data analysis as a service to the public and government agencies.

TRU also has a proud history of providing work experience to UNM students in GIS, statistics, SAS and SQL programming, and data entry. We offer an on-campus office at the University of New Mexico that allows students to balance classes while gaining real-world work experience. We hire students who are bright, enthusiastic, reliable, have strong interpersonal skills, detail-oriented, and an interest in working with complex data.

As part of the University of New Mexico, all TRU positions are posted at under the Department name 'Geospatial and Population Studies'.

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